Thirsty Thursday - RTD cocktails

Jun 27, 2024

5 pm - 7 pm

Post Meridiem Mai Tai

A complex cocktail for a Tiki state of mind, faithfully reproducing the revered recipe perfected in 1944.

Vodka Salad Strawberry Lemon Basil

It's as if strawberry lemonade and vodka soda had a baby and a chill beach house. With bright strawberry, tart lemon and a subtle hint of basil, this social sipper looks great on ice

Lindsay's Southside Vodka Spritzer

A Refreshingly Minty Cocktail Mix with just a hint of Lemon

Wild Roots Lemon Vodka & Soda

Crisp, refreshing premium vodka & sparkling soda with real lemon

Wild Roots Raspberry Vodka & Soda

It’s a crisp and refreshing premium vodka mixed with sparkling soda and real raspberry flavor. The best part? There are no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors involved

Wild Roots Blackberry Vodka & Soda

The base vodka used in Wild Roots Vodka & Soda is the same smooth, 100x filtered vodka that Wild Roots Spirits are known for. This allows the natural flavors of the fruit to shine through. Finished with a splash of sparkling soda, Wild Roots Vodka & Soda is a lightly carbonated, bright, and refreshing cocktail

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