Thirsty Thursday - Vicario Spirits

Apr 4, 2024

5 pm - 7 pm


French Tarragon has been cultivated from Ancient Greeks to Thomas Jefferson as it was historically known for its healing properties for the stomach and liver. Vicario’s Dragoncello is well served after a meal or alongside biscotti or ice creams and can even be used in fine patisserie baking!


With distinguished aromas of blend coffee, chocolate, vanilla, and earthy spices, Vicario Coffee Liqueur makes an excellent after dinner drink, affogatto, or a White Russian that even the ‘The Dude’ could abide.


Vicario Brandy is made with red wine, distilled in an artisanal "bagno-maria" still. Very different from grappa, made with pomace, our brandy retains the final delicate flavor of the fully fermented wines, clear of harsh tannins; to further enhance its quality, it is aged in oak for a minimum of two years. Because of the finesse of the process, it tends to be assertive, yet velvety and slightly fruity, with a definite grape flavor and a bold red grape finish.


Synonymous of well-being and pleasure. Licorice, a legume with sweet roots, is long and delightful as a liqueur. The taste is far removed from commercial impostors. Vicario Black Labeled Liqueurs are prepared for the acute enthusiast.

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