Thirsty Thursday - Wild Roots Gin

May 9, 2024

5 pm - 7 pm


92 PROOF * 46% ALC/VOL

Wild Roots London Dry Gin is a classic straightforward juniper with hints of citrus on the finish. Simplified and perfected, this gin is extraordinarily smooth, crisp and clean due to our unparalleled Oregon water source. No artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors.


88 PROOF * 44% ALC/VOL

Wild Roots Cucumber & Grapefruit Infused Gin is refreshing and cucumber-forward with a citrus base and finish. This infusion is a bright, real-fruit twist on a classic. The cucumber provides a crisp sip while the grapefruit adds a more complex citrus element.


88 PROOF * 44% ALC/VOL

Wild Roots Orange & Bergamot Infused Gin is a fresh and bright, innovative infusion. Infused with sweet orange and aromatic bergamot for distinct and lively citrus nose an


17% ABV

Greek wine and Mediterranean herbs such as oregano and rosemary produce a light, fresh and versatile sweet vermouth. Rose petals and citrus round out the more herbaceous botanicals to provide a complex experience, while still remaining recognisably sweet.


Mediterranean Martini

3 oz Orange & Bergamot Gin

1 oz Otto’s Athens Vermouth

1 dash lemon bitters

Garnish with Garlic stuffed olive

Cucumber & Grapefruit 75

2 oz Cucumber & Grapefruit Gin

½ oz lemon juice

3 oz sparkling wine

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