Whiskey Wednesday - Whiskey for St. Patrick's Day

Mar 13, 2024

5 pm - 7 pm

Writer’s Tears Copper Pot, 80 proof

Writers’ Tears is a unique marriage of Aged Single Pot Still and Single Malt Irish whiskey. Distilled entirely from barley, both malted and unmalted, this is a truly special Irish Whiskey. Writers’ Tears is triple distilled, non-peated and matured in Flame Charred American Oak bourbon casks. An award-winning whiskey that has also been included in Ian Buxton’s publication “101 Whiskeys to try before you die”.

Writer’s Tears Double Oak, 92 proof

Writers’ Tears Double Oak is an exclusive Irish whiskey created using two woods and two styles of premium Irish whiskey. A blend of Single Pot Still and Single Malt Irish whiskey, aged in two types of wood – American Oak Bourbon Barrels from Kentucky and French Oak Cognac Casks from the Cognac Region in France. It is triple-distilled, non-chill filtered and bottled at 46% ABV. This expression is made possible by a close collaboration between the Walsh family in Ireland’s County Carlow and the Legaret family in Cognac, France.

The Irishman The Harvest, 80 proof

Previously known as Founder’s Reserve, The Harvest is a unique marriage of Single Malt and Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey. To honor Ireland’s rich agricultural and distilling heritage, we have chosen to rename our signature whiskey. Our name may have changed but our award-winning whiskey hasn’t! A marriage of heavenly proportions – 70% Single Malt and 30% Single Pot Still. Triple distilled, matured in American Oak Bourbon barrels, and crafted from a mash bill made entirely of Irish barley. Bottled at 40% ABV

Writers' Tears Inniskillin Ice Wine Finish, 109.6 proof

The first of any Irish whiskey to ever be finished in these premium casks, this limited-edition iteration captures the sweetness of Canadian ice wine and the sublime quality of triple-distilled, single pot still and single malt whiskeys. Finished for at least 12 months in twelve specially selected ice wine hogshead casks coopered by Tonnellerie Berthomieu, Writers Tears Inniskillin Ice Wine Cask Finish is an amazingly crafted Irish whiskey bottled at 46% ABV (92-proof).

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