Cheap and Cheerful - Escudo Rojo Cabernet Sauvignon

Escudo Rojo Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva

Maipo Valley, Chile

regular price: $20 per bottle

sale price: $16

Do you remember the old ad for Reese’s Peanut Butter cups; “Two great tastes that taste great together”? While this wine isn’t exactly that, it's close enough to bring back that fond memory.

Cabernet Sauvignon is the number one selling red wine in the world, and despite the wine biz’ ongoing movement towards ‘premiumization’ (read: raising prices), everyone (still!) loves a bargain. Ergo, this 100% varietal Cabernet Sauvignon from an esteemed producer, will sell like hotcakes. (Wow, I’m really showing my age here today!)

In 1999, entranced by the potential of grape growing and winemaking in Chile, Baroness Philippine de Rothschild launched a new company there, Escudo Rojo,the Spanish translation of the German ‘Rote Schild’ (Red Shield), which references the family crest. The new winey would focus on varietals both indigenous and new to the Maipo Valley, combining that promise with French winemaking know-how. The results have been spectacular.

This wine is lush and full and rich with dark berry flavors backed by hints of graphite and vanilla spice. Firm yet soft, it finishes with refreshing acidity, urging you towards another sip. Well balanced, it will serve equally well with a variety of seasonally heavy foods or standing alone as a cocktail. (PW)

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