New Stuff!! - Here for Spring!

New stuff, like a fresh breeze through an open window, invigorates our lives. It’s the spark that ignites curiosity and propels us forward. Consider it the seasoning that flavors our existence, making each day less mundane.

Virtuous Vodka Blonde, 80 proof

A handcrafted, unfiltered, organic rye vodka with no additives from Sweden. Winner of Vodka Trophy and Spirits Gold Outstanding in the IWSC 2023 (International Wine & Spirits Competition), scoring 99 out of 100 points. Made to taste with natural ingredients. Organic. Gluten-free. Inexpensive

Hendrick's Grand Caberet Gin, 86.8 proof

Calling all dreamers, artists and free-spirited souls! Captivated by a historic fruit-based libation that was in vogue in Paris in the early 20th Century, Ms Lesley Gracie has created a decadently delicious, pleasure-seeking expression of Hendrick’s that is imbued with untamed exuberance and poetry.

Knut Hansen Dry Gin, 84 proof

Germany- Knut Hansen is a mild and balanced dry gin. The fourteen carefully selected, locally cultivated botanicals are distilled with skilled craftsmanship. The distinctive mixture of juniper, sweet basil, cucumber, and fresh apples are sourced from local markets in Hamburg, Germany.

El Ron Prohibido Gran Reserva Mexican Rum, 80 proof

Although one might assume that the number 15 represents the age of the El Ron Prohibido Rum, this is not the case. The number 15 represents the number of American Oak barrels in the solera aging system used to mature the rum. Giving this rum a different twist is the fact that these 15 American oak barrels were previously used for maturing Raisin Wine. The Raisin Wine Cask leaves its imprint firmly upon the rum giving us a new flavour profile quite different from a typical Caribbean Rum.

Ironclad 'The Old Kernel' Bottled in Bond Straight Bourbon, 100 proof

In 2007, farmer Bill Savage purchased a bushel of heirloom corn from a man whose grandfather had been growing it since 1870 on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. While grinding the corn to make chicken feed, Savage realized it made a unique, sweet-smelling cornmeal. So, naturally, he made it into cornbread. It beat any Southerner’s best. Luckily, Savage has shared his old, old kernels with us to distill into a one-of-a-kind bourbon that will certainly go down with history.

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