New Stuff! Volans Tequila!

Volans Ultra-Premium Tequila Blanco

Volans Blanco tequila unaged and made from fully mature Blue Weber Agave & a mix of three sources of water – Rain, +450ft deep well, and spring water. It has been oxygenated or aerated. It is a truly enjoyable Blanco tequila to sip slowly.

Volans Still Strength Tequila Blanco

Volans Still Strength Blanco is our newest expression. It boasts a breakdown of 40% spring water and 60% deep-well water. Ten percent of the overall expression is derived from fiber-fermented tequila.

Volans Reposado Tequila

Volans Reposado Tequila is ‘rested’ in used American white oak bourbon barrels for under one year. This imparts complexity, aromas, & flavors. It is lighter in color and has a kiss of barrel notes. This allows the agave to shine through.

Handcrafted in the highlands of Jalisco, where famed master distiller Felipe Camarena selects his finest estate ripened Blue Webber Agave to distill small batches of ultra-premium Blanco, Still Strength and Reposado aged tequilas following the time-honored traditions of the El Pandillo distillery.

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