Sake...for its own sake!

Sake is built like a beer, but tastes like a wine.   Japan’s rice-based elixir is brewed, and like beer, its texture, structure, and minerality are dependent on the water source—often a pure mountain spring. That’s where the beer comparisons stop because largely non-carbonated sake has an alcohol content—and elegance—closer to that of wine.  Most have no tannins, and they’re low in acidity, so unlike wine food pairings, sake is all about harmony based on texture and layers of umami.  Join us as we explore 3 different sake, a sake spritz, and even a sake cocktail!

Dewazakura Tobiroku Ginjo Sparkling Nigori "Festival of Stars" 300ml

Produced through secondary fermentation in the bottle, much like champagne. It is crisp, dry and effervescent – a lively companion for any occasion.  It’s likely to appeal to aficionados of Belgian beer and champagne, but satisfies sake purists as well.

Kamoizumi “Summer Snow” Nigori 500ml

This unfiltered sake is a nigori fan's dream come true. It is bottled, undiluted and without pasteurization for a true "fresh-from-the vat" taste experience. A gentle viscosity meets a full melon and cotton candy flavor rush that settles into a dry and subtle ending. This nigori looks like egg-drop soup or a snow-globe and the taste is equally as dramatic with a rich and creamy walk from start to finish.

Dewazakura Oka “Cherry Bouquet” Ginjo 300ml

More floral than fruity, though there is a touch of pear, and perhaps melon. 

Something & Nothing Sake & Yuzu Spritz 330 ml can

This unique and deeply refreshing long drink is a careful blend of tart Junmai Sake with complex and aromatic natural Yuzu juice, extracts and botanicals. The result is a well balanced, gently effervescent Sake drink with transportive qualities; a merging of the ancient tradition of Sake brewing with modern mixology. Hard to describe, easy to drink.

Sake Blossom:

2 oz Junmai sake

1 oz Creme de Flora Liqueur

½ oz freshly squeezed orange juice

2 dash cherry bitters

Combine ingredients with ice, stir and strain. Serve in chilled ‘up’ glass

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