The Wine for all Seasons (but expecially this one)

Champagne Lanson Brut Pere & Fils

Reims, Champagne, France

Regular price: $48 per bottle

Sale price: $38 per bottle

I’ll dispense with historical and technical information first: Dom Perignon did not invent Champagne, nor did he ever say, ‘...I’m tasting stars’. Sparkling wines were ‘invented’ (accidentally) in southwestern France in the 16th century and were not commonly associated with (the place) Champagne until the early 18th century. Due to its relatively northern location, cool climate and short growing season, grapes (especially red) in Champagne struggle to ripen, thus, the resulting wines are tart and thin. The addition of sugar to the wine allows for a secondary fermentation in the bottle which leaves behind carbonation. No magic required. Few other producers were intentionally making and marketing carbonated wines at that time, so the wines of Champagne grabbed that niche as their own, positioning the wines as the choice of royalty. (The history of great wine is also the history of great marketing. Can you say Bordeaux? Or Napa?)

The sparkling wines of Champagne became the wines of celebration, because, well, they are pretty exuberant when opened. But exuberance need not be limited to a championship, ship launches or New Year’s Eve. How about getting exuberant about Wednesday? Because it’s, like, Wednesday, hump day, 2 days from the weekend! Or any other reason. 

Let’s talk about this wine, however.

This is a particularly rich and exciting Champagne from Lanson, named in honor of the first expression produced by the House centuries ago. Using a combination of 35% Chardonnay, 45% Pinot Noir and 20% Pinot Meunier wines, this expression spends four years ageing, with at least 40 months on its lees. Its fully flavored yet bright and crisp… Treat yourself, you deserve it. (PW)

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