Weekday wine - 2023 G.D. Vajra Claré J.C Nebbiolo

2023 G.D. Vajra Claré J.C Nebbiolo

Langhe, Piedmont, Italy

Regular price: $25 per bottle

Sale price: $20 per bottle

“Claré JC is a Nebbiolo made according to a 1606 note by Gian Battista Croce, the jeweler of the House of Savoia. This wine is a time-capsule into an era when Nebbiolo wines tasted fresher, slightly crisp and smooth. This is a wine for people who are young at heart and curious about the forgotten past of Piemonte.”

 - Giuseppe Vaira

I’m not sure that there is much that I need to add to the above quotation from Vajra family member Giuseppe Vaira. It's a bright and fresh (and nearly completely opposite) take on Nebbiolo, the grape that is at the heart of the great wines of Barolo and Barbaresco.  While those wines are often bold, serious, ponderous, tannic beasts (especially in their youth), this wine is playful and refreshing, slightly effervescent, with the classic floral and dark cherry aromas and flavors of Nebbiolo delivered in an uplifting and charming manner. Served with a slight chill perhaps, it's the perfect wine for the spring yet to come. (PW)

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