Weekday Wine - Andis Reserve Semillon

2022 Andis Reserve Semillon

Bill Dillian Vineyard, Sierra Foothills, CA

Regular price: $30 per bottle

Sale price: $24 per bottle

Generally speaking, wine consumers tend to think that red wines are, by their very nature, heavier and more concentrated than white wines, And while this might be mostly true in practice, that has really nothing to do with the actual pigmentation present but is due to the ‘how’ rather than the ‘what’ of wine making. In other words, a white wine can be made to be as rich and heavy as a red. 

That neatly sums up this wine, a full bodied and lush Semillon from a high elevation vineyard in California’s Sierra Foothills. Fermented in barrel and aged in used French and Austrian oak, I like to think of this wine as a red wine in a white dress. Rich and layered, the wine boasts apple and herbal flavors to start, followed by honeysuckle and lemon peel and a pithy and invigorating finish. This tiny production wine (less than 200 cases made) is weighty and textured and actually drying, due to a notable tannic presence. It is a sensational seasonal choice, perfect for sunny days and still chilly nights. (PW)

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