Weekday wine - Buena Vista Cabernet Sauvignon

2020 Buena Vista Winery Cabernet Sauvignon

Napa Valley, California

Regular price: $45 per bottle

Sale price: $36 per bottle

Founded in 1857, Buena Vista Winery was arguably California’s first premium winery as well as the source of many of the vines that formed Napa Valley. Founded by the colorful Agoston Haraszthy, the self-proclaimed “Count of Buena Vista,” the original 6,000-acre estate stretched from southern Sonoma Valley into Carneros and Napa. In 1861, Haraszthy and his son Arpad were commissioned by the Californian government to travel throughout Europe and bring back vine cuttings. They are credited in bringing back over 480 different varieties, then modern winemaking techniques, and styles that would go on to influence the region for decades to come.

This is a bold and full-bodied wine that exemplifies Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. Lush with dark berry, surrounded by oak driven vanilla and hazelnut flavors, it’s dense, yet smooth and polished. And compared to the prices of other Napa Cabs of its pedigree, it’s positively a bargain!

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