Weekday Wine - Michel Thomas Sancerre

Michel Thomas Sancerre

Cher, Loire Valley, France

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We all know what Sancerre is…but we don’t all know what Sancerre is.

Sancerre is a place, at the eastern end of the Loire Valley, only about 125 miles from Paris. Its winemaking history is recorded beginning with the Roman presence starting around 1 BC, but it could be much older than that. Sancerre was one of the original AOCs awarded in 1936, but its geographic area has increased fourfold since then. Sancerre Blanc (white) is exclusively made from Sauvignon Blanc. That’s it. No blends, no exceptions. A small amount of red and rosé is made from Pinot Noir, but we’re only talking about the white today. 

Michel Thomas is a very small producer in the Egrots, a small hamlet of Sury en Vaux, about 4 kilometers from Sancerre. Their wine, this wine, is classic Sancerre Blanc; citrus and peach fruit flavors, touched by a hint of licorice and chalk, finished with zesty citrus acidity. Fresh and bright, it's a great wine for Spring and a welcome addition to your Easter table, where it will play well with everything served. (PW)

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