Weekday wine - Vajra Rosabella Rosato

2023 G.D Vajra Rosabella Rosato

Barolo, Italy

Regular price: $23 per bottle

Sale price: $18 per bottle

Although it's not strictly required to change your wine choices seasonally, sometimes a particular wine really does reflect the season and becomes the sensible choice for that time of year. A dense and brooding Northern Rhone syrah, compared to a bright and zingy New Zealand sauvignon blanc, are as different as winter and summer, and are perhaps best enjoyed in those respective seasons. And so is the case with the Vajra Rosabella Rosato, which happily announces spring from its first sip.

The Vaira family is relatively new to the business of wine with patriarch Aldo, then a university student, putting his dream in motion only in 1971. Their model of looking both to the past and the future for solutions has served them well as the family team strives and succeeds together. Their wines are always both soulful and joyful, deep with meaning but always easy to enjoy. This rosato (Italian for rosé) is made primarily of Nebbiolo, with Dolcetto and Barbera playing minor roles and is floral and elegant and unfolds graciously with lilting aromatics and gentle berry flavors luring you in. Quiet and unassuming, the wine is nevertheless compelling, fresh and bright, immensely likable while yet offering a complex mystery; just how is a wine this slight and unassuming just so damn enjoyable? (PW)

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