Whiskey for a (June) Weekend - Rye

Old Pepper Bottled in Bond Kentucky Straight Rye, 100 proof

100% Rye, i.e. a 'Pure Rye' as Col. Pepper used to produce; Aged in new toasted & charred barrels made from Kentucky Oak, air seasoned a minimum of 18-24 months; Water source from the historic distillery well. Distilled and bottled at the historic James E. Pepper Distillery (DSP-KY-5) in Lexington, Kentucky. Aged a minimum of 4 years and bottled at 100 proof. Distilling season listed on signature strip label.

Penelope Toasted Rye, 100 proof

Whiskey fans rejoice, this toasted barrel finished rye distilled using a custom 100% rye mashbill from MGP will scratch your rye itch. After full maturation in charred new American oak barrels, they finished 100% straight rye whiskey in a new, freshly toasted barrel.  While it can be hard to predict the flavor profile of each bottle in the Toasted Series, the deep notes of vanilla imbued by the toasting process add another dimension to their signature flavor profile.

Leopold Brothers 'Maryland Style' Rye, 100 proof

Thanks to a friendly collector, Todd Leopold was able to sample numerous bottles of real Maryland Rye Whiskey from 60+ years ago and catalogued their flavor profiles. Working from those tasting notes, the Leopold Bros’ Maryland Style Rye Whiskey is made with a mash bill of 65% rye, 15% corn, and 20% of our beloved floor malted barley. Using a variant of yeast that brought out the fruitiness of the rye, rather than its spiciness, the whiskey was pot distilled and aged five years in our Colorado dunnage warehouses. The resulting spirit is fruity and floral at its core with a soft, buttery finish that emulates the rye whiskies of Maryland’s historic past.

WhistlePig FarmStock Rye, Farmhouse Batch, 86 proof

FarmStock Rye is a tribute to our grain-to-glass process, crafted with our own grain harvested by Farmer Lee, distilled with water from our well, and aged in local, sustainably sourced Vermont Oak barrels. It’s bottled in barn -all right here on the WhistlePig Farm. For our core FarmStock expression, we blend our own whiskey with older Ryes for a well-balanced, easy drinking profile… a great starting point for drinkers who are new to Rye.

Rye whiskey used to have three regional styles. On one end of the spectrum was the sweet Kentucky Rye, with its mash bill that just barely met Federal requirements (usually 51 to 54% rye). On the other was the bold and spicy Pennsylvania Rye, made mostly with rye and malted rye, some malted barley, and never any corn.

In between is Maryland style, an approach that could be said to take the typical bourbon mash bill and flips it, with the corn and rye trading placed. The rye content is in the 60 or 70 percentiles, with the corn there as a flavoring grain and just enough malted barley to convert the grain starches to sugar for fermentation.

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