Whiskey for the Weekend - Maryland Rye

Sagamore Bottled in Bond Straight Rye Whiskey…$65 per bottle

Distilled in Maryland, this 100-proof rye whiskey is a blend of two rye mash bills-a high rye and a low rye-showcasing flavors of rye spice from grain, fruit and floral notes from sour mash fermentation, and notes of toasty caramel from barrel aging.

McClintock Bootjack Rye…$45 per bottle

In traditional Maryland style, this whiskey is made with a mashbill high in rye (75% Abruzzi rye), but the remainder of the recipe is somewhat unsual: 20% Red Fife wheat and 5% Yellow King corn. It is aged for 2 years in 30-gallon, medium char barrels. On the nose, there’s white pepper, clove chewing gum, and blackberry.

Leopold Bros. Maryland Style Rye…$60 per bottle

The Leopold Bros Maryland Style Rye is an homage to a Pre-Prohibition regional style of whiskey making that has been lost for over fifty years. The Rye Whiskey is made with a mash bill of 65% rye, 15% corn, and 20% of floor malted barley.

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