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Four Rose Small Batch Select, 104 PROOF / AGED 6 - 7 YEARS

For someone looking for an expertly-crafted bourbon, Four Roses Small Batch Select is a 104-proof, non-chill-filtered bourbon that provides a rich depth of flavors and a closer-to-the-barrel experience.

Jefferson's Limited Edition Ocean Rye Whiskey, 96 PROOF / aged for roughly 5 years before undergoing its voyage

Welcome aboard rye’s first voyage, joining Jefferson’s Ocean Aged at Sea® family as their 26th voyage. This double-barreled rye whiskey travels the world on ships at sea, blending the bold flavor of Rye with the rich caramelization that comes from the unique sea aging process.

Michter's US 1 Unblended American Whiskey, 83.4 PROOF / aging undisclosed

In 2013, the master distiller at Michter’s, Willie Pratt, announced that they were bringing back a label that had been defunct for about 30 years.  Unblended American Whiskey, which is a moniker that does not have to abide by the rules of bourbon or rye (notably the use of new charred oak every for every barrel in the batch)

Teeling 'Wonders of Wood' Edition #2 Irish Whisky, 100 PROOF / aging undisclosed

The second edition of our Wonders of Wood bottlings consists of our single pot still crafted from a recipe of 50% malted barley and 50% unmalted barley which has been triple distilled in our Dublin distillery and fully matured in virgin Portuguese oak casks. This special release is bottled at 50% abv with no chill filtration

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